Monday, March 26, 2012

Moss Phlox, Falls of the Ohio!

Yesterday, with overcast skies, I decided to drive down to the Falls of the Ohio Park. The Falls Park is situated about three quarters of a mile west from Interstate 65, directly across Louisville and the Ohio River in Clarksville, Indiana. Normally at the Falls you can walk out onto the fossil beds to glean fossils, however, the water was fairly high, due to all the recent rain, which left huge boulders and debris covering the main walkway out to the fossil beds. It had been many years since I actually visited the park to get out and take a walk. I remember years ago walking 'way' out on the fossil beds once when the river was way down. It's a pretty cool experience.

As I walked over to the park center, I spied some beautiful Moss Phlox growing in abundance and, of course, I just had to take a few images. I love phlox. It's such a beautiful ground cover. I have more images to share from my visit yesterday including some pics from Clark Cabin. Can you guess who Clark is? I'll give you a little hint . . . Lewis & Clark. ENJOY!


  1. I have this in the same color in the rock garden along my front walk. I like both these shots, especially the second. It is interesting to hear about the fossil beds.

  2. Wonderful captures of the Phlox. I have been there the fossil beds are cool.

  3. Gorgeous. They are just stunning.. I love your view