Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hello Spring, Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forest!

Welcome Spring! Come on in. Sit down around my world and stay a while. Bring your sunshine, your flowering trees, your colorful blooms, your cool breezes. I'll peek outside for your tell tale signs of bees and butterflies, bugs and birds. I'll be watching as the grass grows, the leaves sprout open, the sky passes by in azure blue. All you need do is bring me long warm days and cool nights, quiet walks on a wooded trail and long drives in the countryside. So come on in. You're welcome here. ENJOY!


  1. Nice description and what a vivid pink!

  2. Wow, pretty!

    What lens are you using for this?

    1. My Nikon 55-200mm with the closeup button engaged. Thanks Sandy. Carol

      I also put it through one of the filters in the new picasa.

  3. oh I love that color Carol . I really enjoy your words . They really hit home. Very nice