Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Graveyard, Guerilla Hollow!

Here's are a few images from the graveyard at Bernheim that I photographed last weekend. Here I am entering the graveyard. Are you amazed at the things I find at Bernheim. I am.

This graveyard dates back to the Revolutionary War. Most of the graves markings are gone and only stones are left behind. So sad.

Not particularly crazy about these large gravestones that are flat on the ground.

Hope your week is going well. We're over the hump. Oh, and by the by, 7 (seven) tornadoes in Louisville yesterday. Not a good day at all. Scary, scary, scary. ENJOY!


  1. I like wandering through old graveyards. The ambiance of the trees and leaves on the ground along with the dusting of snow is magical.

  2. I can tell that those are very old stones. Only in a year like this could your post have autumn leaves, snow, and tornados.
    Three great shots, my favorite is the first. I can't resist a gate.