Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Prayer!

Some days we wake up and go through our day just as routine as any other day. And then some days, we wake up and get disturbing phone calls and the day is no longer routine. I learned through a phone call from my sister yesterday that my cousin was on her way to the hospital and it looked bad. She is much older than I, and has been ill for some time and, most recently, had a heart attack. Later yesterday I found myself holding my cousin's frail little hand while her sister and my sister went to grab a quick bite to eat.

I offered my support yesterday because there are no mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts or uncles, left in my family. They've all gone. And I find it hard to go through trying times with those older and wiser people not there to offer their wisdom. Now the wisdom is in my hands and my siblings. It's an odd feeling, but I'm slowly getting used to the fact that my siblings are all that is left of my Mother's family.

It's a new day today and my cousin is still hanging in there. And so . . . I PRAY!


  1. The best to your aunt, Carol.
    Our family is fast approaching the same situation.

  2. I will keep you all in my Prayers.
    xoxo Hugs .
    Lovely Image