Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Graveyard Haunt!

Halloween is behind us but before I move on I wanted to share a pic of the graveyard at my sister's house. My brother in law, Robbie, adds ghouls and goblins every year to his yard of creatures. I especially liked his graveyard rendition. After dark the ghouls rise and light up with spooky music. It was a hoot. The weather was fantastic with temps in the 60's yesterday and 50's early in the evening. The trick or treaters were out in force. Hope your Halloween was great! I'm feeling nostalgic as Spring, Summer and Fall are quickly moving us into Winter, so I conjured up a nostalgic header for your viewing pleasure. ENJOY!


  1. That is just a bit scary! I don't know if I could walk past that bunch in the dark.

  2. Love the new header, Carol. I'd need someone's hand to approach that front door!