Friday, November 18, 2011

Boer Goats!

Not my usual post, but I couldn't help but photograph a few of the Boer Goats I happened across on my trek last weekend around the horse farms of Lexington. Never dreamed I'd find goats as opposed to horses. Apparently Boer Goats descend from Africa and are bred for meat production as opposed to milk production. I personally think they are absolutely adorable. With the sun shining right on them it was hard to get an image without their dark areas going black so I did put this image in Picnic to improve on their faces. I really wanted you to see their faces too as they're so darn cute. Have a wonderful weekend all. ENJOY!


  1. I like them, too. They seem curious about the lady with the camera. I'll bet they get their photos shot a lot. The little brown ones are sweet looking.

  2. What eyes! They look like Jedi! The thought of eating them does not sit well on my tummy!

  3. ...aaaawwwhhh! I love them!