Saturday, October 15, 2011

Purple Haze!

Well, I felt a slight change of pace might be in order so I'm spreading a little "purple haze" to brighten your weekend. I mean seriously, I know you're inundated with orange and red and yellow from the Fall colors, so why not a little purple. This beautiful cabbage was growing alongside a gorgeous purple painted pumpkin sitting next to the sidewalk in Nashville, Indiana, today as I was strolling by. Naturally I had to stop and take a few pics. ENJOY!


  1. ...really cool, Carol! Love all the purple...unique pumpkin too! I'd never think to paint one purple with vines on it! My parents were in Nashville, In Thurs and Friday. They did some sort of riverboat cruise on the Ohio too...

  2. I see lots of that purple kale up here in the fall. It looks nice and lasts.
    This is a well arranged grouping, and a nice photo.

  3. This photo is purple-ish-ous!