Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkin Mania!

Fall is going by so fast this year. I truly can't believe that it will be over soon. Once the leaves peak and fall, I know fall is not officially over but it feels that way to me. We really need to do something to spruce up early November to hold us over until Thanksgiving. Any suggestions would be appreciated. And oh, least I forget, I'm ready for the weekend. ENJOY!


  1. These creative pumpkins bring a smile to my face, Carol. We had an Indian Summer day in the mountains (though there is still snow on the ground). Have a happy weekend.

  2. What jolly pumpkins!
    November can go either way, here. Two years ago, we had a lot of snow. Last year, not much.

    I usually hang my bird feeders after the frost takes my flowers. The birds take the place of the blossoms.

  3. I love those bright-eyed pumpkins