Friday, September 30, 2011

The Boathouse!

I know what you're going to say, "Another image from Bernheim." Well, here's the thing you don't know. There are several areas of Bernheim I've not frequented and this happens to be one of them. There are several lakes at Bernheim. You've seen many images of the largest lake, Lake Nevin, and the waterfowl and birds that frequent that lake. There is the lily pond next to the arboretum with many varieties of flower gardens situated all around. And you've seen Two Ponds which is situated next to the Visitors Center and Cafe.

But last weekend I took a long walk, more like a hike, back to Mac's Lake. Mac's Lake is situated in a far northeast corner of Bernheim and actually buts up next to the highway that leads to Bardstown, Kentucky. The trail to Mac's Lake crosses the main access road which carries all of the traffic to the many areas within Bernheim. As you walk along the trail, the lake appears about 250 feet to the left of the trail. The lake stretches out alongside the entire length of the trail.

If you want to photograph the lake you have to walk through slightly high grass to reach the lakeside which I did on this particular day. And what to my surprise did I see, a cabin up on a hill on the opposite side of the lake and a tiny boathouse sitting right on the lake down from the cabin.

The whole scene was so serene that I wanted to capture the serene feeling it left me with so I took several images. The first image shows the boathouse and the lake with the forest reaching down all around it. It is such a tiny quaint boathouse. There was just a hint of Autumn in the foliage around the lake which I tried to capture in this image as well. To my joy I was all alone in this less traveled area of Bernheim and that made it more special to me.

I realized when taking a closer look that while I captured the boathouse sitting by the lake that I also had captured its beautiful reflection in the water. So I've cropped the original image to come in closer so you can get a better view of the reflection. It's amazing the things we photograph and don't realize they are there until we take a closer look.

If you are anywhere near Louisville this weekend, I urge you to drive in and visit the St. James Court Art Show. It starts today and lasts until Sunday evening. It is one of the top art shows in the country with hundreds of artisans and craftsmen and is a sight to behold. Have a great weekend everyone. ENJOY!


  1. Every shade of green and then that splurge of orange! What a magical place, Carol.

  2. I was gonna say that! Anyway, it is just beautiful, Carol.
    You have a great weekend.