Saturday, August 6, 2011

Inside the Gardens at Biltmore!

When I originally thought of visiting Biltmore, I thought mostly about what the house itself might be like. Little did I know that the gardens would be so alluring. In this first image, I am peering over the slate topped brick wall looking down into the Walled Gardens. The trellis walkway you see in the far left of the image leads from the entrance to the Gardens to the Conservatory. The trellis walkway basically splits the Walled Garden in half. In the background you'll notice the Blue Ridge Mountains and more specifically Mt. Pisgah.

Various shaped flower beds adorned the Walled Garden making for an interesting layout.

Here I'm looking up at the road as I walk along a paved path throughout the Walled Garden.

After you visit the estate house, the route out of the estate grounds takes you through the Walled Gardens. I took this image while in my car as I drove through the gardens to exit this area.

After exiting the Walled Gardens, you find your way on a one lane road leading to Bass Pond and Antler Village. I have a few images I'll post on these soon. I must admit the Gardens were my favorite part of Biltmore.

Why is it that we yearn to travel, yet once we arrive back home, we're glad to be there. ENJOY!


  1. You seem to be there at a great time. Everything looks so good. And those mountains in the background add the perfect touch.

  2. A gardeners dream come true! (If only I had the staff...)