Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Garden at Biltmore!

Looking through the trellis into the garden at Biltmore. The trellis was laden with grapevine and huge pots filled with beautiful flowers leading up to the Conservatory. On either side of the trellis walkway were two separate gardens. These gardens are called The Walled Garden and were simply gorgeous with every kind of flower you could imagine.ENJOY!


  1. I think you know I have a trellis fetish! I love photographing them. This is a beauty.

  2. This would work great at a wedding or in a wedding shot. Nice work

  3. The lure of a curved shape! I like them too.
    Having a good time?

  4. Barb, I had no idea you had a fetish for trellis. I love them too!

    Sandy, I am having a fabulous time but I head home tomorrow. The mountains are wonderful.


  5. A fabulous view thro' the trellis window.