Monday, August 8, 2011

Elk, Cataloochee Valley, GSMNP!

The beauty that is our wildlife. The elk were out, some banded, some not, at Cataloochee Valley in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park in northwest North Carolina last week. Such beautiful creatures. Not an easy drive to this area of the park which is far removed from the main area of the Smokies. But still a beautiful area. This is where the original elk were reintroduced some ten years ago or more to the park. Just a few of the "Big Bulls". ENJOY!


  1. I would never have thoght they would be there. That is neat.

  2. Truely magestic beasts.

  3. Hi Carol, I've missed seeing your great photography! I've been busy with Grands for over a week - an end-of-summer fling for them here in the mts! What majestic animals! I love that first stance. Ours at altitude usually stay hidden in the deep valleys and bowls so are hard to spot. Where my son lives in Evergreen, they come into his yard.