Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Daisy Do!

Such beauty in such a simple flower. In a few days, I'll be heading to North Carolina and will be staying in Asheville. I've always wanted to tour the Biltmore Estate so off I'm going. But honestly, I think I'm going to have just as much fun touring their gardens. I'm also trekking up on the Blue Ridge Parkway to hike Craggy Gardens and take in some scenery. Hopefully I can dedicate a post about it later on. Of course I'll be taking my laptop. No matter where I might be in the world, I have to stay connected ,so I'll try to stop by your blog. Oh, I also wanted to share a tidbit of information that I've yet to share with any of my blogging friends, so I thought now would be appropriate. I had set a lofty goal back in the spring of losing 35 pounds. No particular deadline, just in the coming months. So without further ado, I am proud to announce I have lost 25 pounds so far and am so ecstatic, I could cry. And while I have ten pounds left to go, I say . . . no problem. Hope your week is going well. ENJOY!


  1. AnonymousJuly 27, 2011

    Great job Carol!
    Both on the loss, and the photography.

    I agree with you about the gardens, they have been on HGTV several times, and they are beautiful. Have fun!

  2. Carol its not easy to just loose . Way to go . Enjoy your trip. I will be looking for updates and this is so beautiful.
    Enjoy your time

  3. CONGRATULATIONS , Smiles here. !!!

  4. What flower is more pure than a daisy? Clap, clap, clap - for YOU!

  5. Definitely a summer stunner.

    Congrats on the weight loss Carol and have a glorious trip. FAB.