Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bracket Fungi

Typically "Bracket Fungi" grow on stricken trees. But in some cases, they grow on wounded trees, as it did with this one found along the forest drive at Bernheim. Bracket or Shelf Fungi belong to the "Polypore" family of mushrooms. I did not know fungi and mushrooms were related necessarily. Fungi are more of a parasite. I wouldn't consider mushrooms, however, to be parasitic. I stopped to take a few images of this fungi as its seldom you can get close enough to take a really good image of such a large fungi like this. I see why this fungi is called Shelf Fungi. Did you know you can actually eat Bracket Fungi? ENJOY!


  1. I'll say, "No thanks!" to eating that, but the photo is awesome, Carol.

  2. ...I'm with Barb...I think I'll pass on Bracket Fungi as a main course! Beautiful photo. It looks like a photo out of a magazine. Very cool...

  3. That is a gorgeous photo!
    What a fun fungus lesson, too! Thanks for sharing.