Friday, June 24, 2011

The Beauty that is the Roaring Fork!

The Roaring Fork is such a beautiful place to visit in the Smokies. I'm seriously wishing I were right here this weekend. It is 76 degrees and no humidity in Louisville right now, with blue skies, and those fluffy white clouds we all love. I'm hoping for the same all weekend long. Hope its beautiful where you are. ENJOY!


  1. AnonymousJune 25, 2011

    I wish I was there, too! It is raining and cold here.
    Did you put your toes in that water?
    I like they way you caught the different shades of the moss.

  2. Sandy, I didn't put my toes in the water but I did grab a stone and brought it back with me to remmember the roaring fork by. I'm so sorry it's raining there. Tomorrow we're supposed to get rain. Right now it's just gorgeous. Carol

  3. I wish it were beautiful where I live. Instead it's raining, again. Glad you're enjoying nice weather in Kentucky as I know it can get downright brutal in the summer!

    Nice green, peaceful image.

  4. Lovely image Carol ... reminds of somewhere I have been recently ... lots of water underfoot and falling from above!
    Warm, humid and the odd thunder storm here .. hope you are not geeting too overcooked with those high temps.

  5. A refreshing spot in summer! What a lush glade - looks delightful. Have a great 4th weekend, Carol! Cool in the mountains, but we came to (hot) Denver because Bob's 88 year old Dad is visiting with us over the holiday.