Friday, April 22, 2011

Rusty Wrought Iron and Bluebells!

Who doesn't love old rusty wrought iron. Every time I visit Nashville, Indiana's little arts and crafts village, I take note of this old rusty wrought iron chair and the flowers growing around it, that sets in front of several shops. There were bluebells blooming last weekend all around this rusty old chair. Sad but this time one of the shops was closing its doors. I noticed several others on another block that had closed since last fall when I last visited. Perhaps we should pray to the retail gods to help these independent folks to stay open and prosper. Are you ready for Easter? Got chocolate bunnies? Fuzzy chicks? Speckled eggs? Jelly beans? Marshmallow bunnies? I like the pink marshmallow bunnies best. Easter's coming. Get to coloring. ENJOY!


  1. Old pieces add to any photograph. Be it metal,wood,stone,etc. Delightful how these things catch the eye and we look for them when we pass that way again. We have some old worn out wicker furniture that was my in-laws. I can't throw them away but place them about in a patch of flowers or bushes. Chocolate bunny for me please. Wish you and yours a Happy Easter.

  2. You got just enough of the bench in this shot. It is a very good photograph.
    I will get my husband a chocolate bunny, but none of the family but me likes marshmallow.

    I hope you have a nice Easter.

  3. Just what I need for a corner of my small garden.

    Have a great Easter Carol.

  4. Perfectly old-timey looking!