Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lily Pond, Deer Isle, Maine!

In July of 2008, I traveled to Maine and stayed generally in the vicinity of Deer Isle. There is a lily pond alongside the road north of Stonington which I read about in a nature photographer's brochure. I missed it the first time I drove by it, but on my way back to the inn one afternoon late I drove by it, realized what it was and turned around. These are just two of the images I took which I recently had scanned. The light was so bright, my images are a little saturated and my photo editing software didn't help much. Hope your weekend is going well. It's going to be 88 degrees here today and sunny. YIPPEE! ENJOY!

Postscript: Lisa of Red Willow asked how I made my new header. If you wish to read about it, I wrote a "how to" in the comments of my last post. Have a Great Day!


  1. Well, it's cold and snowing hard here - I'll just enjoy your lilies for awhile!

  2. These are so beautiful. I love pink.
    Your photos on the side are so nice.
    You live in a beautiful place.

  3. Barb you poor woman. I'm feeing it for you. I need to pray to the weather Gods. Carol