Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Cemetery, Mustatatuck NWR!

Sunday being the first day of Spring I took a quick drive up to Mustatatuck NWR in southern Indiana to check out early Spring in the refuge. I took a quick walk back to the old 18th century cemetery. I found rusted, broken down fencing, weather worn headstones and a few blooms and a little green along the way. Thought I would share. Much of the refuge was flooded out for quite some time recently as it sits in a very low lying area. I took a chance the water had receded which it had. Hope your Spring is going well. ENJOY!


  1. Love these pics and am salivating because I like visiting old cemeteries. I assume that green belt is the Refuge. Beautiful!

  2. I see that you did get out to do some photography on the weekend. Old cemeteries are wonderful places to stop. Love middle top shot, maple tassels?

  3. Barb/Sandy, yes, for once I have an answer. The middle top shot is red maple blooms (tassels). Aren't they cool. I'd never seen them before. I love old cemeteries too!! Carol