Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blooming at Bernheim!

Before I pulled through the gates at Bernheim Sunday, this beautiful ornamental tree greeted me in its purple grandeur. So obviously I had to get out and take a quick photo to share. I hope all of you don't mind, but I've enjoyed showering you with lots of color this week. It only seemed appropriate after the cold, snowy winter, of which some of you, as well as myself, are still having given the, "It really is Spring there!" common thread in my comments over the past few posts.

In many parts of the U. S. and across the pond, it's still very much winter with only a hint of Spring. I've never liked the fact that I don't live closer to mountains or the ocean, but I have to admit I do love that Spring shows up in my backyard fairly early in the season. Thanks to everyone who has commented on these posts. I so enjoy hearing from you. It helps me to know that I'm going in the right direction with my blog. I do this blog for me, but more importantly I do it for you. I also enjoy blog surfing all over the net too. It gives me fresh perspective on what I'm photographing and how I'm photographing it. ENJOY!

P.S. Recently I had a request for an image which I, unfortunatley, don't have available. The thrill wasn't the request so much as who requested it. It was a well known local artist whose prints were featured in the Ky. Derby Festival and St. James Court Art Show, to name a few, in years past. Even though I couldn't accommodate her, I still get a little thrill every time I think about it. Wow, what validation. My thanks to the Photography Gods.

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  1. How very very beautiful. I love the color and all the color around. :)
    Have a wondeful night