Saturday, February 5, 2011

Scenic Beargrass Creek, Cherokee Park!

Scenic Beargrass Creek. This beautiful part of the creek is located in the heart of Cherokee Park, which is an Olmsted Park. Frederick Law Olmsted, is the "Father of American Landscape Architecture".

Cherokee Park is one of the Flagship Parks designed by Mr. Olmsted "to be a place where one could experience scenery and take in the refreshment offered by the landscape. It is characterized by long winding roads opening to beautiful vistas, and large open spaces set in the valley of Beargrass Creek. The gently rolling slopes extending uphill from the creek were shaped from pasture lands to contain individual shade trees and tree groves. Woodland areas were incorporated into the design and edge plantings were added to soften the transition from open space to woodland."

Olmsted also planned various parkways throughout greater Louisville which would lead to several of the planned parks throughout the city. Today these parkways are known as Algonquin, Cherokee, Eastern, Northwestern, Southern and Southwestern Parkways. Eastern Parkway leads right up to the main entrance of Cherokee Park although on this particular day I drove in from the southeast side of the park.

On a personal note, the day I took this photograph I attempted to drive through the icy treacherous park. However, I was forced to turn around and return the way I drove in least I suffer the peril of getting stuck and having to be towed out of the park. Cherokee is quite hilly. So . . . I turned around on a one way street and went the wrong way back the way I came in, knowing full well I was going the wrong way. I also knew I probably wouldn't encounter any cars as this part of the park was treacherous. I encountered one car and got around him easily enough. However, I did manage to take this beautiful image before I left this area of the park. The things we do for photography.

After making my way out of the treacherous portion of Cherokee, I drove around the park on Lexington Road and pulled into an area where the lake and golf course reside. And what to my amazement do I find, these two artists honing their craft whilst the lake was almost completely covered in ice.

We did not get the snow we were predicted last night and I, for one, am elated. I must say that I am beginning to come out of this creeping crud I've had for over a week now. However, one last trip to the drugstore for cough drops and cough syrup is probably going to be in order. Have a wonderful weekend. ENJOY!


  1. Very beautiful, but you be careful out there alone. I hope you had boots and a shove. Do I sound like your mother??

  2. No you don't sound like my mother. That's ok Sandy. I have a shovel in my car. I wear boots all winter. I don't even put on a pair of shoes in winter. Carol