Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Arboretum in Winter!

Before I got in my car the other week to leave Bernheim, I looked back across the field at the arboretum covered in snow. It was a beautiful sight. I took the photograph trying to frame the image with the trees in the foreground. I love the shape of the building. And I love everything that goes on around the arborteum especially in spring and summer. There is the lily pond right in front of the arboretum. The butterfly garden is to the right of it. Lake Nevin is behind it. There are beautiful flower gardens all around it and tons of birds swooping in and out of the eaves going to and fro their nests feeding the kiddos. And there are walkways leading to the Sun and Shade Trail. Oh how I wished Spring would come soon. ENJOY!


  1. That is a pleasing shape. Isn't it strange how some buildings seem friendly, and others leave us cold?

    Spring is not that far away for you. I am looking forward to seeing your photos, as it rolls in.

  2. I wish so also, but more snow is on the way for us. That's okay I guess...I like the snow, but I'm really looking forward to the flowers! It's a beautiful building. I love it's shape. I bet it's gorgeous in the spring...