Friday, January 14, 2011

Limestone Fences!

As you travel along the Bluegrass Scenic Byway, you'll notice these beautiful old limestone fences that have been there for decades and possibly centuries. They give the byway a natural feel and add such ambiance to the whole Bluegrass Region with it's beautiful thoroughbreds and gorgeous barns. I loved seeing the snow piled up on the tops of the limestones. The sun was shining so bright that day through the trees that I had to stop and take a photo for you to see. Have a wonderful weekend. ENJOY!


  1. The colors in that top photo - rusty leaves, bark of trees, gray stone walls, and snow - plus the golden light - WOW!

  2. I am glad you said what the fences were made of, as they are different from the New England fences. Thanks so much for sharing them. I can see why you stopped.

    Have a good weekend, Carol.