Sunday, November 28, 2010

Giving Thanks . . .

As if you haven't noticed by now, I get bored with header images often. I have no image to post today just a thought about my new header image I felt compelled to share. I felt a collage of images was in order. So I sat down at my computer and I thumbed through the "thumbnails" and I picked the images I wanted to show in the collage. I wanted some red, some yellow, obviously blues and greens, and I wanted to show summer and fall and winter and spring.

When I was finished choosing images, I pressed the button and wa la, a new header image, accompanied by this ornate font I've been into lately. And then it happened, I got to looking at the images and noticed that all but one image was taken from my 35mm camera and not my digital. I surmise my eye can still see the beauty and quality of the 35mm film that I used to call every photograph I took. And then something else happened. I got to looking more closely at all of the images, and wa la, there are seven different states represented in my collage.

Manchester Farms in Lexington, Kentucky right, next door to Keeneland Race Course
The Barn at Myer's Cabin, Mustatatuck National Wildlife Refuge, Seymour, Indiana
Miner's Castle, along Lake Superior's National Seashore, Upper Peninsula, Michigan
Sunset, Morton's Overlook, and a beautiful Fall tree along the forest drive, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee
Looking out toward Eggmoggin Reach and a look back at the village of Stonington, Deer Isle, Maine
The Beach, Chatham, Massachusetts
A very frozen Cedar Falls, Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio

And then I got to thinking, hmmm!!! I've been busy traveling the Midwest, the Mid Atlantic and the Northeast these past ten years. How lucky am I? So I give Thanks to God for all of these fabulous opportunities. ENJOY!


  1. The mosaic is wonderful, Carol. I especially like the green shadows falling on that old barn and also the beautify yellow foliage on that Smoky Mt tree! I hope your Thanksgiving was restful and full of fun. I've been on a break from the computer - it's been nice!

  2. I like it, in fact I like it a lot Carol.

  3. I think it came out just right, Carol.
    My husband misses the control he had with his old 35mm Nikon, too. Do you still use yours?

  4. Sandy, I haven't used my 35mm in over a year. Sometimes I think of getting it out but the camera itself had issues with some of the controls so I think it's retired. Carol