Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Forest at Bernheim!

A quick peek as I'm driving along the forest road on my way back into the depths of the Bernheim Forest. There's one main route in and out with a shoot off to the left that circles back to the main road. There's still a few leaves left on the trees. I think it's because a lot of leaves died on the trees from the drought and since we've not had the usual windy days or any major storms to drop them off, they're hanging on.

It's about a 20 minute drive to Bernheim from my home in Southeast Louisville. I travel a backroad and hop on I-65 which I'm on for a mere five minutes and I'm getting off again at the Clermont/Bardstown exit. Did you know that right across the street from Bernheim is Heaven Hill Distilleries, and within a short drive you can visit Old Forrester and Maker's Mark, along with a few more of the "Bourbon Capital of the World's" best distilleries. If you read my bog on a regular basis I've posted about My Old Kentucky Home and the beautiful horse farms in the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky. Perhaps I should share some images of the distilleries one day.

If that's not enough Kentucky history and charm, drop by Red and the Peanut's blog from a few posts back and you'll find gorgeous images of Cumberland Falls, in southern Kentucky, with its famous moonbow. Kelly did an outstanding job of capturing another part of Kentucky fame. Everyone have a wonderful weekend as I sign off as just a Kentucky Proud Gal who got a little bit wordy on her post today. ENJOY!


  1. That looks like the road less traveled, Carol. It leads to some glorious nature viewing.

  2. The triple curves in this shot really catches my eye. There is still quite a bit of color down low. A friend told me that the oaks hold there leaves until the new ones come.
    Please do tell us about your area. It is most interesting.