Sunday, October 3, 2010

Float Tube Fishermen at Mustatatuck!

When I started this blog it was to share my love of nature with everyone. What I since have found is that photographing nature has as much to do with the people who enjoy nature as it does the wildlife and natural areas around us. So I would be remiss if I didn't share with you the photographs I took of two guys float tube fishing on the lake at Mustatatuck the other week. Strange sight to me as I'd never seen this type of "fishing boat" before. I since learned from watching a video from YouTube that this is a popular fishing boat. Just don't forget your neoprene waders and you'll need a set of fins to navigate the waterways.

What can I say. To each his own. ENJOY!


  1. I love the color in these. Don't you think they would be worried about accidentally hooking the tube??

  2. ...I've never heard of it either. Very neat...
    I love Muscatatuck! I wish it were a bit closer to our house. We visited there and spent the night at Clifty Fall last year. I really enjoyed it and saw soooo many birds there. All that fall color makes me want to go back!

  3. Love the photos . I just got back from S.C. Gone to look at the BMW plant . I should have took some photos very pretty right now . love jennifer