Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall Foliage!

While at My Old Kentucky Home last weekend I took a few picks of the fall leaves. Nothing fancy mind you. The severe drought here in northern Kentucky, oh my, you should have seen the beautiful trees with dead leaves that didn't even get to turn a color for fall in Bernheim. I left feeling a little more calm than I went in as it's such a serene place but also sad as the beautiful leaves are all dying and falling off the trees and only the yellows of some trees were really making a splash. Despite all of that I was still glad I visited. ENJOY!


  1. Carol, Your tree and leaf photos are stunning. I hope at least your temps have gotten cooler. It looks as though there are plenty of leaves underfoot!

  2. They are still pretty. I thought that we would have an off year, after our summer, but it is prettier than usual. Go figure!