Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shop Window I, Nashville, Indiana

All of the quaint little shops of Nashville, Indiana decorate their windows so beautifully. I consider many works of art. I thought I'd post a few images of these beautiful windows in the next few days. Here's a new shop which had grass growing on the roof. I believe this is the Acorn Cottage. I failed to write down the name of it but am fairly certain from checking online that I've got the right name. Whenever I feel certain I'll post photos of a shop, I give the shopkeeper my blogspot address so they can check it. I hope if you live in the Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio or even Illinois states, you visit Nashville, Indiana. Stay over night and do a weekend. It's a great place to visit. I live a little over an hour away so it's a great day trip. I may go back later in October. There's something about the leaves turning and the streets strewn with leaves and all of the shops dressed to the max with autumn decor that I can't resist. This weekend I'm spending at home way under the weather. A really bad sinus infection snuck up on me. But I'll be back out there this coming week, rest assured. ENJOY!

POSTSCRIPT: Least you think I may have forgotten "Rest in Peace" to those who lost their lies in 9/11. And peace to those whose loved ones were lost.


  1. Ready for fall! It puts me in the mood. Feel better soon - take Vit. C!

  2. Yes, do take lots of C, and drink a tons of water.

    My sister and her daughters are flying up here in May, and driving back to Oklahoma. I am going to suggest that she stop in in Nashville on her way home. It looks like that place is right up her alley.