Thursday, September 23, 2010

An Avid Fisherman!

Meet Joe Clark, an avid fisherman! He resides in Seymour, Indiana, which is a stone's throw from Mustatatuck NWR. How can I tell he's an avid fisherman, you ask. Well just check out his attire. He was such the perfect model of a fisherman I asked him if I could photograph him to post on my blog and he said ok. Notice his catch. He had been at it a while obviously. I pulled off the road in Mustatatuck and walked through a field to Reichart Lake. I saw him standing there patiently fishing more than knee deep in the water and couldn't help but ask him for a photo. Now if only I had that much patience. It was about 95 today in Louisville. No rain. ENJOY!


  1. These can out great! He certainly was a good sport!! I need to work on more people photos.

  2. What a great character sketch! Love the capture and the reflections.