Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cape Cod Trip 2010


I felt a quick day trip was in order last week to shoot a few photographs of Nobska Point Lighthouse and take in a few shops in Woods Hole. The main road to the lighthouse sort of guts out into the peninsula away from the mainland. The weather was a bit cloudy so no real sunshine to speak of. There were signs posted that the property next to the lighthouse was private land. I read on a website that the owner of the house is actually the commander of the Coast Guard Sector, Southeastern New England. You're rather limited as to where to stand to take photographs as the road wrapped tightly around the lighthouse.

When I first pulled up to Nobska's small little parking area, the ferry was making its way to Martha's Vineyard. The vineyard sits in the background of this image.

Hope everyone is staying cool this week as I know many of us are under heat advisories. I was out yesterday and starting feeling peeky and had to get inside. It's not fit for man nor beast. Enjoy!

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  1. I see you visited Woods Hole. Nice light, eh?