Saturday, April 24, 2010


Time is something I've not had a lot of lately. My job has kept me very, very busy and at times eeks over into my personal time. You try very hard not to have this situation happen to you, but invaribly it does. I'm hoping to get out soon and take some photos of this beautiful Spring we're having here in Kentucky.

I was reading Crista's blog, Nature As Is, today where she commented back to someone that she thinks blogs are more about a person's feelings and thoughts and what's going on in their life and not as much about the quality of the images we post. I like that analogy a lot.

I'm going to Cape Cod this summer for a week. I can't wait to walk on the beach and stoop over and pick up shells and walk in the surf and feel the sand in my toes, and well you get the picture. I promise I'll take photos of my trip. Can't help doing that. I'm lucky enough to get to stay in a bed and breakfast that was just renovated two years ago and my room I've booked looks so comfy I can't wait.

Whenever I take a trip like this, I feel blessed, because I know there are still tons of people without work, tons of people having to foreclose on their homes and tons of people with financial problems in America and around the world. So I try never to lose light of the fact that I'm lucky to be able to do something like take a trip to a beautiful place like the Cape.

I've had my share of financial ups and downs most of my life and for once in my life I'm at a place where I have been able to do some of the things I've always wanted to do like travel a little. But that just means I have to continue to work really hard. Working in sales is the hardest job I've ever had. I chose to move into sales in hopes that the next time times get tough in America, maybe I'll be more likely to keep my job and continue to move forward in life. And I've found so far I wasn't wrong. I won't forget the harder times any time soon and probably never will. Sorry I didn't mean to get so nostalgic on you.

Hope Everyone Has A Great Weekend. Enjoy!


  1. Your in the pink, Carol! I'm going to Martha's Vineyard this summer with a group of women friends. I'm looking forward to it, too. Get out there and take some photos of Kentucky's spring - I need a green and flower fix!

  2. Carol, the Cape is one of my favorite places, particularly off season. I hope you'll have wonderful time... Your flower photos are a real treat!

  3. This is a beautiful shot, Carol. Such color! I expect to see some really great beach rose shots from that trip.

  4. Blog hopping brought me to you and this beautiful image. I love the color and the DOF!

  5. I'm looking forward to viewing some Kentucky spring views when you have some time to spare. I envy the trip to Cape Cod, somewhere I've always wished to visit someday. BTW I think Crista's thoughts are right...I know I'm guilty sometimes of searching for the image rather than using the words. FAB.