Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Birds' Snow Day

This little guy graced my patio today perhaps seeking refuge. Just outside my patio door this morning sits a fresh "new" layer of snow right at five inches and it's still coming down. I opened the blinds this morning to discover a snowburst. Big huge flakes coming down, fast and hard. Wow! You have to realize in Louisville, south of the Ohio River, we seldom get a lot of snow. Perhaps we'll get one to two snowfalls a year and those might be one to four inches. However, right across the Ohio River in southern Indiana, they will receive 3-4 sometimes more snowfalls and usually twice as many inches. Something about the river valley I guess normally shields Louisville. So getting all of this snow in January and February this year is a little unusual.

Steve at http://shootingmyuniverse.blogspot.com told me a few weeks ago that winter was just settling in. Steve, I believe you now! Normally in February you'll start to see sprouts of spring in the later weeks. Perhaps not this year.

On another note, I wasn't feeling the love for the new header I posted so I'm experimenting. Hang in there until I find my creative happiness. Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Carol, While we are doing a snow dance here in CO, hoping the ski areas get big storms, you are getting all the snow there on the East Coast! It seems like a weird weather pattern. PS Thanks for sharing your decision with me - I need to hear things like that.