Sunday, January 24, 2010

Winter's Light, Bernheim

The sun tried, not very successfully I might add, to peek out between the clouds yesterday at Bernheim Forest & Arboretum, but didn't quite make it. These two images I photographed as the sun attempted to make a show. I love the blues of winter skies. They have a demure quality, not quite that bright baby blue you see in summer. If you look closely, you will catch the glimpses of last winter's ice storm as it obviously took out some of the branches on the right side of this beautiful stately tree. The second image is looking out towards the lake. Just to the left were a gaggle of Canadian Geese which I got a few pics of and will poster later. I honestly didn't like winter nearly as much, until I started visiting Bernheim and Mustatatuck in central Indiana during the winter months. The things you see in winter that you don't see most times of the year are abundant. So I guess I'm advising all to get out and walk and look around you this winter. Enjoy!

Jared Sutton who follows my blog requested the bridge image from yesterday in black and white, and well, I just had to give it a try. I'm torn as to which one I like so you guys decide for me. Thanks for your support Jared. Enjoy!

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  1. Carol, I much prefer the b&w version. It's a quiet picture with very subtle shadings, very nice. in the color version I don't particularly care for the green color of the water. How about desaturating it a bit?