Sunday, January 10, 2010

Horse Farms, Bluegrass Region, Kentucky

I decided to take a drive yesterday if for no other reason than to get out of the house in spite of the subzero temperatures and snow on the ground, not to mention, constant snow flurries throughout the past few days. The Bluegreass area of Kentucky, around Lexington and Midway, is only about a 40 minute drive from my home, so I decided to make that my destination. I wanted to see how the horses were holding up under these frigid conditions. There weren't many horses out grazing, but I did happen across this beautiful guy who was happy to see me stop to take a gander. And, I might add, even happier to pose for me. I hope you enjoy these as I enjoyed taking them immensely. I especially love the ice crystals hanging off of his whiskers. Adorable. Enjoy!


  1. Oh boy.....I love horses, and your photos of them are gorgeous. I love how the snow is all over his chin whiskers!! Lexington is so beautiful. We did the Shaker thing and the Horse Farm a few years ago, and I loved those rolling hills and all the horse farms in the country. You're luck you're so close!

  2. Carol - What fabulous photography. it is wonderful to meet you - I so enjoyed this horsing around in Kentucky (what a handsome fellow) and the bird photos are out of this world. You are my great discovery for today!

  3. The horses up here seem to do well. Sorry that you are having a cold snap. I guess it happens. You really showed the personality of the horse.