Sunday, December 6, 2009

River, GSMNP

The water was rushing to somewhere when I stopped to photograph the small waterfalls rushing in cascades down through the river in the Smoky Mountains this past summer. This is my first year as a blogger and my first winter. I believe I should get more of my archived slides scanned as I may need them to post. The gray skies and bare trees of Kentucky landscapes won't lend much to show for a post. Perhaps snow will fall. In the meantime, some of my past greenery will have to suffice. I hope you agree.

Today was a "putting up the Christmas tree" kind of day. Ugh. I suffered through and it's done. Although it's got more lights at the bottom. Why does this happen every year. We must be eager as we trim from bottom to top and by the time we get to the top, we're all teetered out???? I don't know. Nonetheless, enjoy this photo!

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  1. ...ohhhh....I love mossy stream-side rocks. They are beautiful...and always seem extra green. For a little green right now, head up to Clifton Gorge in Yellow Springs. It was amazing to me how green the moss was in the gray and brown landscape.