Saturday, November 21, 2009

Look Beyond What You See!

Today was the perfect day to take a walk with the temperature around 60 degrees. November? I have no idea what's up with the weather. But I'm happy about it. I took a walk to the edge of the field that sits behind my condo and felt a photo was in order. If you look off in the distance, you'll see out buildings over in the valley. About 500 feet from my condo the field ends and a woods begins. The woods gives way to a huge steep valley about half a mile away. This is as far from the city as I'm willing to live. I'm a city girl. I say that with great confidence although on any given day you may find me in a wildlife refuge, a park, a nature preserve or . . . I believe it's ok to want to spend time in the country or out in nature. As long as I can go back to the city. Enjoy!

Postscript: I uploaded a new header I've been working on. Hope everyone likes it.


  1. Our weather in southeast Ohio has been very mild, too, Carol, and I'm really enjoying it as well. Sounds like it will take a turn for the worse around Thanksgiving, though. Rats! That's a nice natural area behind your condo. Glad you've got a place that has you situated just where you need to be - that's very important! That collage in your header is quite wonderful!

  2. is gorgeous. You're lucky to have such a country feel and yet be so close to the city. I bet this brushy area will draw in a lot of birds. Beautiful! Today was our first cold was 37 degrees when we were driving home from my mom and dad's. Blech!