Monday, October 5, 2009

Sunset, Maine #6

On a beautiful sunny day on Deer Isle, I traveled a short distance to Sunset, not far from Stonington. There were numerous boats of all shapes and sizes anchored in the harbor there, however, I spotted this particular boat bobbing up and down and swaying to the left and right, anchored out in the harbor. I decided I would take a few photographs. Did you know when you're trying to take a photograph of a boat anchored in a harbor the boat just keeps swaying from one side to the other. So you have to keep shooting. Hoping to get what you saw at one moment, but it's fleeting, and that shot is gone because the boat moved with the water. It took a few tries, but I think I got what I was going after. It's one of my favorite photos of my trip to Maine. I hope you enjoy it. I enjoyed taking it!

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  1. Lovely shot Carol and I'm glad your trip to Maine has some wonderful memories and photo's. Thanks for sharing your photo's with us. I enjoyed them very much.