Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall Color, Great Smoky Mountains National Park

If ever you get the chance to frequent a national park in America, I suggest one of them be the Great Smoky Mountains. It's truly a diverse climate. The Smokies have rolling brooks and streams that literally turn into rushing creeks and rivers. You should visit Cade's Cove, a valley filled with yesteryear farmhouses and churches, should you plan a trip.

I've enjoyed taking drives along the Greenbrier, Tremont and Roaring Fork Nature Trails, where you drive right along beside the creeks with their rushing waters spilling over rocks and huge boulders. The forests are just as diverse in the park with some feeling more like rainforests at points along the drive in Greenbrier and Tremont. The Roaring Fork Trail gives you an up close feel of what being deep in the woods of the Smokies feels like while still in the comfort of your car. All I can say is you should plan a visit.

But if you can't get there this Fall, I hope you enjoy these images of some of my slides of the beautiful Fall colors displayed every year in the Smokies.

Postscript: The bright reds and oranges are for Crista, Nature As Is. Crista is one of my most faithful followers who always leaves me such nice comments. I'm still very new at blogging, so it's encouraging to hear from anyone and everyone. Thank you Crista. If you haven't visited Nature As Is, do it today. It inspires me every time.


  1. Oh beautiful them Carol!!!!

  2. The first and last shots are my favorite. They both really "pop." Sometimes it's difficult to accurately capture those bold colors of autumn, but you've done a fine job here.
    On a technical note, I notice that there is no padding on the left side of the page here... all the text and images are right up along the left edge of the page/screen. I'm assuming you made some changes to your template and some pixels got out of whack somewhere.