Friday, September 25, 2009

Foggy Harbor, Stonington, Deer Isle, Maine #1

Stonington, such a small but quaint fishing village, is situated along the coastline of Downeast Maine, midway between Blue Hill and Bar Harbor. If ever you find yourself in this beautiful state, please make the drive to Stonington. You won't be disappointed. I have images of not only a foggy day at Stonington, but also a bright sunny day. I'll share those with you in the next week. But this is my favorite image from that particular trip. At almost any given time while driving along the backroads in this area, which hug the coastline very closely, you may turn a curve only to find an inlet and perhaps a chance encounter with a sailboat or a "windjammer" making its day trip whilst playing host to visitors from all over the world. Such a beautiful sight. So happy I caught this scene and so happy I can share it with you. Image taken Summer 2008 with my Pentax. Enjoy!


  1. Beautiful photograph. I just came to your blog through Heather's. I love Louisville all the photos of KY you've posted.

  2. Carol, I really like this photo because it shows how boating is a large part of the community. One could assume that based on the water, but seeing the boats really brings it home. Not to mention the windjammer with its sails so full is quite a majestic view.