Thursday, August 13, 2009

Upper Falls, Old Mans Cave, Hocking Hills, Ohio

While I was out earlier today, I went to get into my car, looked up and saw the temperature reading which was at 98 degrees and said . . . hot! Tonight while going through some old thumbnails I have on my desktop I discovered this image of frozen Old Man's Cave, Upper Falls, in Hocking Hills, Ohio. I remember when I took this image. I remember it well. I had to go to Walmart and buy a thicker pair of gloves. I had to slide around on slick icy paths to get to this falls. And yes, I fell a time or two. Ouch!! But I got this along with the icicles hanging nearby which is in an earlier post. Now here is why I'm telling you all of this. You see, I tried and I tried, and I tried again, to get down the steps at the "Lower Falls" of Old Man's Cave which were covered in a thick sheet of ice. And nature just wasn't going to have it. And I didn't get that image. But I did get this one. Perhaps it will cool you off too. Enjoy!

Postscript: This is a low res image from my slide taken with my Pentax.


  1. Oh Wow what a stunning photo!! Love it

  2. Those frozen steps are a frightening thing to encounter, aren't they? Hocking Hills is beautiful in the winter, for sure, but it can be dangerous, too! I'm tempted to buy some crampons or something similar before I do any hiking there this winter. I've never done any photography there during the winter, but I would definitely like to try during this coming winter.